We share this collection of our works with you; knowing that all we have fulfilled and completed until today has already evaporated and we cannot satisfy ourselves only with the acquisition of our entire experiences. At this point, when we present our works to you, somehow we are saying goodbye to all the things we have experienced during our journey for our creations; as well as to those things that have come out of our works. Finally this collection is being presented to you as some frozen moments from all those time frames.

Our design approach;
Our primary consideration in our design process is perceiving everything fully and correctly that is being transmitted to us by our clients; and combining this with the data of the space and the time expectations of our customers. During this process we are confronting with such spaces that are easily becoming the reason of our creativity and giving us a chance of a very fluid design process. However, sometimes we are confronting with such customers who are quite insistent on directing our design process. In these conditions, we are trying to explain our 'musts' for our design and trying to make the clients understand these considerations as much as we can. Although showing these efforts, sometimes the projects are ending in a different format from their first presentations because of limitations of time or budget.
Our main target in our works is not being concentrated only on one subject. The economical rise and falls of Turkey is causing some profound dynamism on different work areas at different times which also has naturally been reflected to our works. In 2005 when we started hospital projects, the employers trusted our experience which was based on just one single hospital. However, we managed to take this trust last till 2009 with out award winning hospital projects. Likewise, The Lütfi Kırdar Congress Centre project was also one of our first experience in that field even though it has been completed in a very limited timeline. Based on these kinds of examples full of firsts, we would like to state one more time that our office philosophy is always being open to new projects with our 17 years of experience.