Meeting on the border of art and design,12 master creative, transformed their own ideas into aesthetic objects which awaken a desire to be observed and serve no other purpose than to give pleasure. Underlining the rising value of the quality hand crafts in this industrial production era, the works are being produced with the ancient method of bronze casting. This will be the first show of ECNP Gallery, opened by the leading figures of contemporary fine jewelry design and production, Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak.
The objects designed to be exhibited on tabletop by (in alphabetical order) Erdem Akan, Sezgin Aksu, Ayse Birsel, Ela Cindoruk, Erdal Duman, Attila Kuzu, Eray Makal, Gunnur Ozsoy, Nazan Pak, Seckin Pirim, Aziz Sariyer and Emir Uras cast in bronze by master craftsman Fevzi Köz limited to 10 editions.
The exhibition's curator is Erdem Akan.
Music: History Repeating by Propellerheads