Dezeen / Corian Solid Surface range aims to reduce hospital-acquired infections


”We capitalised on Corian®’s extraordinary hygienic properties to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection process in the hospital, effectively reducing the risk of healthcare acquired infections.” (Yunus Emre Kara – ZOOM/TPU’s Head of Design)

October 2023 – The established Turkish healthcare institution Medicana has unveiled its latest structure, Medicana Ataköy Hospital. Designed by the renowned architecture agency ZOOM/TPU, the masterful vision was brought to life leveraging the transformative power of Corian® Solid Surface to bring elegance and functionality, but also to keep the highest standards of hygiene. With the strategic use of Corian® Solid Surface in five distinctive colors – Suede, Cameo White, Mint Ice, Weathered Aggregate, and Provence Nuwood – Medicana Ataköy Hospital redefines healthcare architecture.

Lobby of Medicana Ataköy Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Desk and wall cladding in Corian® Solid Surface color Suede; designed by ZOOM/TPU, manufactured by Ara Tasarim; photo: Cemal Emden, all rights reserved.


In this meticulously designed hospital, every aspect has been crafted to elevate the well-being of the patients and their families. Nestled in the heart of the Ataköy neighbourhood and overlooking the Mediterranean shoreline, Medicana Ataköy Hospital features advanced technological infrastructures, skilled professionals, modern amenities, and a strategic location to serve the needs of the local community as well as of the international health tourism. With 218 rooms distributed across 31 specialized departments, covering a diverse range of medical fields, the hospital spans an impressive 23,000 square meters and stands tall with 14 floors crowned by a rooftop space.

VIP Suite patient and bathroom, Medicana Ataköy Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Colours of Corian® used: Cameo White, Provence Nuwood and Weathered Aggregate; designed by ZOOM/TPU; manufactured by Yapıartı; photo: Cemal Emden, all rights reserved.


The use of Corian® spans the entire space, from the elegant lobby and welcoming reception desks to the patient rooms and their bathrooms, as well as the sterile operating rooms and in the public areas.

ZOOM/TPU’s Head of Design, Yunus Emre Kara, shares the insight behind this project: “We used parametric design for the interior spaces to establish a harmonious connection with the building’s parametric facades. We chose Corian® for its conceptual versatility, which allowed us to craft three-dimensional forms while seamlessly incorporating vital lighting elements. Furthermore, we capitalised on Corian®‘s extraordinary hygienic properties to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection process in the hospital, effectively reducing the risk of healthcare acquired infections. Drawing upon our extensive experience in healthcare facility design, we recognize the role that color plays in creating a calming atmosphere for patients and aiding in spatial differentiation. Corian®‘s consistent commitment to color innovation empowered us to explore new design possibilities, exemplified by the introduction of Provence Nuwood, a wood-like hue that expanded our design horizons.”


Surgery room, desk and corridor at Medicana Ataköy Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. Desk (color Cameo White) and wall claddings (color Mint Ice) made in Corian® Solid Surface meet the the highest hygiene standard requirements in healhcare environments; designed by ZOOM/TPU, manufactured by Ara Tasarim; photo: Cemal Emden, all rights reserved.


The realization of this vision required seamless collaboration between the architects, the Corian® fabricators and the construction company. The production and installation of all Corian® elements was done by Ara Tasarım, a leading Corian® QNP Fabricator, and Yapıartı, a construction partner. Ekrem Sozen of Ara Tasarım reflects on the project, saying, “We brought to life 43 reception desks and 26 signage panels, an unconventional but aesthetically pleasing combination of Corian® with other materials, translating ZOOM/TPU’s incredible designs into reality. The results speak for themselves, and they are remarkable.”

King suite patient and bathroom at Medicana Ataköy Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Corian® Cameo White (room ceiling) and Weathered Aggregate (bathroom) manufactured by Yapıartı; photo: Cemal Emden, all rights reserved.


Yapıartı used Corian® in different colors for many parts of the project. Weathered aggregate Corian® in bathrooms (560 sheets, 4 shapes), Cameo White Corian® in standard patient rooms (1,200 sheets, 18 shapes), Mahogany Wood Corian in suit patient rooms (153 sheets, 14 shapes), and a mix of Mint Ice and Cameo White Corian in the delivery room (28 sheets, 4 shapes).

Desks at Medicana Ataköy Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. Corian® Solid Surface, colours Cameo White and Suede; designed by ZOOM/TPU; manufactured by Yapıartı; photo: Cemal Emden, all rights reserved.


ZOOM/TPU / TPU (www.ZOOM/ – is a leading architectural design firm in Turkey founded by Atilla Kuzu and Levent Çırpıcı in 1994. ZOOM/TPU has been working in healthcare sector in Turkey since the late nineties and is specialised in Medical Design and Consultancy.

Ara Tasarım ( – specializes in Solid Surfaces materials and works on both corporate and boutique projects. The company’s architects and industrial designers produces exceptional work, particularly in high-traffic areas like businesses, hotels, and public spaces as part of corporate identity projects. Ara Tasarım is a Corian® fabricator member of the Corian® Quality Network Programme.

Yapiarti – ( Founded in 1997 in Turkey, YPRT offers quality services in construction, renovations, design, project management, and more. Their main clients are national and international companies, and they aim to continually grow their portfolio by becoming long-term solution partners for new business clients each year.

Medicana Health Group – ( Since 1992, Medicana Health Group has been a leader in healthcare services in Turkey. They operate 14 hospitals in several cities and have a strong presence in health tourism and treating international patients. They’ve also expanded their reach globally to provide sustainable healthcare services.

Corian Solid Surface is a nonporous, seamless, low-VOC materials which helps creating hygienic, easy to clean and disinfect Healthy Spaces. Its surface prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material, and its seamless look of integrated Corian® worktops, counters, sinks, and coved backsplashes means there are no crevices to trap and grow mould, germs and viruses. This simplifies cleaning, sanitising and routine maintenance. Low VOC – as a low-VOC material, Corian® Solid Surface is free from dangerous chemicals and hence supports better indoor air quality and Green Building certification.

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