Liv Hospital Project was aimed to be one of the most innovative hospitals on healthcare sector with the insistence of the employer as a result of the concept works that lasted … months and finally approved by the employer and the construction was completed. 

The distinctive factor of the concept was the hygiene oriented focus and how we could interpret the cult science fiction movie “Fantastic Voyage” which depicts the human body. 

Medical and architectural planning determined by the employer and questions such as how it can be implemented and which materials are suitable were scrutinized, additional intensive work made on details and samples and all of the details were surveyed repeatedly and implemented subsequently with the collaboration of employer and manufacturers.

Chosen materials and forms are substantially innovative and far from mediocrity, and were chosen with the aim to create a technologic and healing atmosphere where people feel safe. 

Designating impenetrable internal fronts due to human body’s tremendous self protection and analyzing the tissue and cell behavior of the scenes of of the journey to the human body in the movie “Fantastic Voyage”, geometry of the organics and forms was obtained and applied to the architecture structure in terms of cosmetics and function as a visual theme for the group’s hospital for higher segments. A futuristic atmosphere and environment was created within the awareness of the fact that people should feel safe and welcome in a hospital where they usually feel the most vulnerable.