YUNUS EMRE KARA / Director – Partner – Senior Interior Architect


Yunus Emre Kara was born in Ankara in 1982, and he lives and works in Istanbul. He is a designer in search of future fictions in his designs and he reflects this research on his designs using organic forms and parametric design approach both in architectural and interior design fields as well as in furniture and product design.
He received his Bachelor’s degree on interior design from Fine Arts Faculty of Anadolu University. He studied interior design, graphic design and applied industrial design in HAWK Hochschule Für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim.
Since 2010, he has carried his architectural and interior works within the structure of Zoom TPU. Among the interior projects that he designed with Atilla Kuzu and Levent Çırpıcı Henkel Showroom, Salt Galata Auditorium, Liv Hospital Ulus, TR-Pharm Kanyon Office, Memorial Wellness in Zorlu Center…. are the remarkable ones. In 2017, he became a partner in Zoom TPU.
At the same time, he is currently working on furniture designs for Ozon Design. In 2015, Spin low table was short-listed for the Red Dot Design Concept Award in the Furniture category.


Spin Low Table

LBB Bench

Banglex Armchair

Nidus Armchair

Pab Armchair


Jotun Application Center Building- Tekirdağ
Medicana Hospital Zincirlikuyu- İstanbul
Medipol Ankara University Hospital- Ankara
Medipol Acıbadem Hospital- İstanbul
Medipol Mega University Hospital Administration floor- İstanbul
Medipol Bahçelievler Hospital- İstanbul
Sinop Historical Prison Project- Sinop
Beyhekim Hospital- Sakarya
Raparin Villa- Iraq
Medicana – İzmir
Özel Sağlık Hospital – İzmir
Tunnel Residences Ek Bina
İmpa Yapı Office – İstanbul
Oguz Khan Yat Projesi
Retro Park
Retro Park Akbatı
Sahil Eczanesi
Gazprom Medical Center- Belarus
Majidi Hospital- Iraq
Ushaş Ofisleri
Ağrı Büyük Tufan Museum- Ağrı
Marriott Hotel Ataşehir- İstanbul
Tunnel Residences Outbuilding- İstanbul
İzmir Private Healthcare Hospital- İzmir
İlk Construction Medicana İzmir Hospital- İzmir
Private Doruk Hospital- Bursa
Kuzu Group Medicana Ataköy Hospital- İstanbul
Zafer Plaza Mall Renovation Project – İstanbul
Torunlar Center Cinema Complex – İstanbul
Pasha Bank- İstanbul
Safa Hospital- İstanbul
Medistate Medical Center- İstanbul
History of the Turkish Republic Museum- Eskişehir
Zorlu Center Mall Renovation Project- İstanbul
Private Mediterranean Hospital- Antalya
Sur Construction Sancaktepe Residential Project- İstanbul
Avrasya Hospital Zeytinburnu – İstanbul
BHT Clinic İstanbul Tema Hospital – İstanbul
Almaaty International Medical Center – Kazakhistan
Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital – Istanbul
Medicana Kadıköy Hospital – Istanbul
Medicana Bursa Hospital – Bursa
Saruhan Plaza, Showroom – Istanbul
İstanbul Community School — İstanbul
MCS Stores — Bordeaux, Catania, Palermo, Bologna, Budapest, Thessaloniki, Brussel, Lille
DMN Office -– İstanbul
Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa – İstanbul
LÖSANTE Children’s and Adult Hospital – Ankara
Double Tree by Hilton Ankara İncek – Ankara
LSV Schools – Ankara
Kolan Hospital – Bayrampaşa – İstanbul
Kolan Hospital – Beylikdüzü – İstanbul
Sağlık Hospital – Denizli
Erciyes Ski Hotel – Kayseri
Memorial Wellness – İstanbul
Dedeman Plaza – Zincirlikuyu – İstanbul
Aslı Bozluolcay Residence – İstanbul
Gurgan Clinic – Ankara
Dentway Dent Clinic Suadiye – İstanbul
TR-Pharm Office – Levent – İstanbul
Tabu showroom – İzmir
Oryapark Residences Ümraniye- İstanbul
Denizbank Reception – Zincirlikuyu – İstanbul
Memorial Ankara Hospital – Ankara
Şişli Kolan International Hospital – İstanbul
Sinpaş Çırağan Spor Kompleksi- İstanbul
Crowne Plaza – Ümraniye – İstanbul
Çırağan Sport Complex – İstanbul
LIV Hospital Ulus – İstanbul
Liv Hospital Ankara – Ankara
Medipol Mega Hospital – İstanbul
Faruk Medical City Al Suleimania – Iraq
Hello Kitty World – Suadiye – İstanbul
İstanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital – İstanbul
LG Fair Stand – İstanbul
Adonis Fair Stand – İstanbul
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Ümraniye – İstanbul
Dumankaya İkon Recidence – İstanbul
Dumankaya Kartal Recidence – İstanbul
Hello Kitty Store Şaşkınbakkal – İstanbul
Hello Kitty Store Armada- Ankara
Hello Kitty World – Ataşehir – İstanbul
DMN Store Showroom- İstanbul
BYZ Mall – Kayseri
Hyundai Şen Plaza – İzmir
Urgan Office – İstanbul
Salt Galata Auditorium – İstanbul
Henkel Showroom – İstanbul
IGS Stores — Bursa


Project 1 “Sinop Historical Prison Project”-2020
Istinye University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture; Seminar on “Architecture Meetings, Multidisciplinary Design Office”- 2019
Jury member, Anadolu University, Faculty of Architecture and Design; Interior Architecture Project 6 Group-A 2015
Workshop, Anadolu University, Faculty of Architecture and Design; Interior Architecture Project 6 Group-A 2015
Seminar, Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts; “Anadolu Spring Meetings” – 2015
Anadolu University, Faculty of Architecture and Design; Interior Architecture Interviews 1
Team member, Liv Ulus, WAF shortlist –BARCELONA-2011